Lightstone4net: C# library for Lightstone Sensor

The company sells a computer game called 'The Journey of Wild Devine' that is controlled by a bio feedback sensor called Lightstone that measures heart rate variability and skin conductance. A while back I created LightStone4Net, a C# library that provides simple access to the Lightstone sensor completely independent of the game that the Lightstone device is shipped with. The source code is availble on google code:

LightStone4Net also includes a simple viewer application that leverages the LightStone4Net library to display the measured heart signal and calculates the heart rate.

Acknowledgement: LightStone4Net is somewhat inspired by the LightStone Monitor project (C#) that Bryan Ingram posted on source forge ( in 2004. While the LightStone4Net code is completely different from Bryan's code it does 'borrow' Bryan's code for handling the Lightstone device protocol.

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